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Canada news broadcast (CTV) reveals MSNBC report.

A senior member of the Obama campaign called the Canadian government within the last month to say,

“When Senator Obama talks about opting out of the free-trade deal, the Canadian government shouldn’t worry.” The operative said, “it’s just campaign rhetoric” and “don’t take it seriously.”

Barack Obama has lied about being against NAFTA. It was just “campaign rhetoric”.

‘The Obama Show’ is based on using the buzzword “change” and the “yes we can” motto, a message of “hope”, and lots and lots of slow-moving, well-spoken rhetoric to get a crowd cheering him on.

But there’s no clear understanding of what, how, or if he even has enough experience (only four years) to run this country or solve its giant problems.

There’s not much more you need to know – he’s for “Change”.

Just words? Barack lies to Ohio about NAFTA:

The truth is, he does support NAFTA and the formation of an open-borders North American Union. That’s why he has been given millions of dollars to fund his campaign from the Fortune 500 corporations – the ones who are also part of the Council on Foreign Relations. And to help verify this association: his wife is an official member of the CFR.

NAFTA: Ten Years of Broken Promises:

Is Canada or Mexico going to be happy about this? Not a chance!

Why did Obama lie?

To avoid the already concealed issue of the NAU.

Bush Forms N. American Union with Mexico:

You weren’t supposed to know. They didn’t want you or the Congress to vote on it.

Three men: abolish our constitutions and write a new one together.

This was originally meant to happen in 2010.


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Is it hypocritical to someone to want ‘change’ – yet be unwilling to change his or her choice for president (based on good research)?

How Much Change Is Change?
Newsweek – Jonathan Alter
Mar 10, 2008

When our new president takes the oath next year, we’ll be satisfied with someone who just gets a few things done.

Or will we? The 2008 presidential campaign has featured rising expectations of real change, especially if Obama makes it all the way. It’s not too early to begin to think about what, exactly, this change would mean. How would we define it? How would Obama execute it? Two years from now, will we know if we’ve achieved it?

…Obama tries to prepare his audiences for disappointment. “Change won’t be easy,” he says repeatedly, explaining exactly how special interests have spent many millions buying Congress.

…Then there’s the budget. Obama admits that with baby boomers set to retire, “we should have been storing our nuts for winter” and “we can’t build our future based on a credit card issued by the Bank of China.” But he hasn’t yet conceded that rolling back President Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy and slowly reducing the $12 billion a month we’re spending in Iraq just won’t generate enough revenue to pay for all of his ambitious domestic agenda. Obama may find that the biggest changes he brings are less legislative than attitudinal, by, say, repairing America’s image in the world and convincing the African-American community that it must do more to solve its own problems.

I admire the people who are voting to change America. Like most Americans, they want to see change in the way the government is managing the country. And according to the mainstream media, Barack Obama seems to be the only candidate who will offer that change.

He was my original choice, for this very same reason. But then I started thinking, and learning, and I realized…

The government shouldn’t be managing the country – that’s not its purpose!

And this is exactly why things have become so bad in the first place. We’re not a socialist country. The government isn’t supposed to run everything. We’re supposed to be a free country! That’s the real problem, isn’t it?

Obama and the other mainstream candidates are running to be elected as the manager of the government, the wars, and the country.

The only candidate who is doing just the opposite… who is fighting to suppress the government’s control over America, protect America, and protect our soverignty – is Ron Paul.

And Ron Paul is the only candidate who has a sound understanding of economics and the principal of freedom.

But instead, America is acting like it’s on the side of the candidates who are represented by big government and industry interests. And the people don’t even know it!

I believe that a great majority of Obama’s supporters would choose differently – if they had the opportunity or took the time to learn why there’s a growing “Ron Paul movement” and why his supporters are so highly committed to his principals.

But America is being left in the dark. The mass media is owned and controlled by people who are against Ron Paul’s opposition to big government & special interests – and everything that has allowed these private and elite groups to gain and maintain their enormous power and control over the government and the economy – such as the Federal Reserve.

Shouldn’t people understand the fact – that all of the problems we’re concerned about are actually the fault of our big government that is being controlled by special interests, powerful people, corporations, and elite groups?

Barack Obama will not change this trend. In fact, his proposals for universal health care, the global poverty act, and other mass-spending will only make the government bigger. Special interests love it!

That’s why Obama has gotten millions of dollars in support from some of America’s biggest corporations. Where else do you think all that money came from?

Big government = more control over the economy and the people.

It’s not the president’s job to manage the economy. It’s not the government’s responsibility to control everything. The president is supposed to protect the people and the country from government control – that was the purpose of the Constitution!

Adding parts to a broken machine will not fix it. What we need is a new one – the original one – the one that made America the amazing country that it is – the Constitution.

I’d say, the difference between Obama and Paul supporters is not what they value, but what they know.

Please ask yourself:

  1. Do you believe the government is out-of-order and that the country is in great need of change?
  2. Do you support the Constitution and its small-government – more power to the people – principals?
  3. Would you be willing to change your mind, no matter how devoted to one candidate you have already become – by doing more research and learning something new?
  4. Would you give the president permission to increase the national debt by funding new, big-government programs and causing inflation by printing more money to fund it?
  5. Do you believe that the mainstream media is un-biased, fair, and balanced?
  6. Are you willing to sacrifice your liberties, as stated in the Bill of Rights, and allow the government to control you?
  7. Will you accept the destruction of national borders to create a North American Union? (This is on the agenda of the Council on Foreign Relations – members of which are the major sponsors of Barack Obama’s campaign.)
  8. Have you fully researched Ron Paul’s stance on the issues, and do you yet fully understand why he is so popular among members of the Armed Services and young people of America?

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