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From CNN: Time News:

Total votes cast in 21 GOP contests yesterday among McCain, Romney and Huckabee:

McCain: 43.1% (3,611,459)
Romney: 35.4% (2,961,834)
Huckabee: 21.5% (1,796,729)

For grand totals, vastly more Democrats than Republicans voted yesterday;

Democratic votes for Clinton and Obama: 14,622,822 (63.6%)
Republican votes for McCain, Romney and Huckabee: 8,370,022 (36.4%)

Put another way, the Clinton/Obama race drew 76% more voters than the McCain/Romney/Huckabee race.

The percentages here add up to 100%.

Would you believe that 0% of the country voted for Ron Paul?

Please read this article: “You vote, we decide!” American elections: brought to you by Diebold


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What’s wrong with using paper ballots that can be counted and re-counted? This was done since (and long before) America was founded, and guaranteed verifiability of election results… until the advent of electronic voting. With this new and ‘more efficient’ means for states to record votes, the emergence of the voting machine quickly came to dominate how America works its elections.

In America today, about 80% of the country uses voting machines – which account for about 90% of the vote. And most of these machines are built – using secret programming – by Diebold, Inc. The corporation grew in the late-nineteenth century through the production of vaults and safes. Today, their trade is self-serving transaction systems, such as voting machines.

Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold Election Systems, is a subsidiary of Diebold, which functions primarily in “the business of creating electronic voting terminals and solutions for government entities.” Diebold entered this industry in 2001 by purchasing the assets of Global Election Systems which had been selling election equipment since 1991.

Diebold has received enormous criticism for reasons such as insider trading and fund-raising for George W. Bush.

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Stealing elections is not a joke and not a ‘conspiracy theory’ – it is real! Nor is this something new. The recent advent of the voting machine (used in about 80% of the country, dominated by one corporation that produces them) has allowed elections to be stolen for years. Remember, if stealing votes is possible – it’s inevitable.

Another American election is being stolen. To add to that, the paper-trail can not be relied on for a recount. You vote, Diebold decides.

The ‘official’ 2008 results are already in. It is meant to come down to Obama and McCain in November. McCain is the intended winner of the election – the perfect puppet for special interests that wish to progress Bush’s foreign policy – by attacking Iran.

Evidence shows that elections have been stolen since as early as 2000 – to get (and keep) Bush in the White House in order to forward a progressive foreign policy to promote the destruction of the Constitution and the dollar, military dominance in the Middle East, and the establishment of a new world order.

You can learn more about ‘Hacking Democracy’ by watching this movie (full version here):

Hacking Democracy (part 1 of 9)

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The ‘official’ results are in:

Nevada (NV) Caucus:

Mitt Romney 22,649 51.1%
Ron Paul 6,087 13.7
John McCain 5,651 12.7
Mike Huckabee 3,616 8.2
Fred D. Thompson 3,521 7.9
Rudolph W. Giuliani 1,910 4.3
Duncan Hunter 890 2.0
South Carolina Primary (SC):

John McCain 143,224 33.2%
Mike Huckabee 128,908 29.9
Fred D. Thompson 67,897 15.7
Mitt Romney 64,970 15.1
Ron Paul 15,773 3.7
Rudolph W. Giuliani 9,112 2.1
Duncan Hunter 1,035 0.2
Tom Tancredo 115 0.0
Others 162 0.0

Although with a mere 1% from 3rd and a long-shot from Romney, the Nevada caucus on January 19th proved a success for Ron Paul by at least putting everyone else behind.

But there still stands an important question, can we trust the results? In both South Carolina and Nevada, voters experienced problems with the machines and malfunctions were reported. Surprised?

An article at a CNN blog reported that in at least one county and possibly 100 precincts have been affected by faulty voting machines in South Carolina. CNN also reported that about 80% of all voting machines in Horry County – the cities Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach – ‘malfunctioned’.

Apparently the machines in SC weren’t reset to zero votes before the voting day. A press release by the state’s Election Commission read, “This resets the test votes recorded on the machine to zero. Without performing this measure, the voting system will not allow machines to be opened for voting on election day.”

In Nevada, a local news report stated chaos at some caucus locations, overcrowding, and numerous complaints from Republican voters. Some voters are reported to have left without having the chance to vote. In some places, people reported having not had to check in or show ID, which could allow multiple votes and/or from people who aren’t even registered.

As reported on the day before the caucus, the Ron Paul campaign learned that the Nevada Republican Party had changed the rules for eligibility requirements for caucusing three times since January 9. And many voters have been given false information about their caucus locations.

There have also been widespread irregularities, cheating, and vote suppression by Clinton Campaign, as reported in Clark County, NV.

There will surely be more to come about this issue in the days to come.

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