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Neighborhood 21 Radio NetworkRon Paul Revolution Radio Moves Forward

April 21, 2008

Dear friends and listeners, as Ron Paul has said, we must now move forward in revolution no matter the outcome of the National “Selections.” This doesn’t mean we are giving up on the political process and in fact many of us are delegates to State Conventions, hoping to be selected for the National Convention so we can vote for Ron Paul. After much thought and deliberation we decided to focus on the issues of financial, medical and food preparedness to secure you and your families from the uncertain times headed our way. RPR Radio will carry the feeds of “We The People Radio Network” this week as we transition into “Neighborhood 21 Radio Network” (The Neighborhood of the 21st Century) which will be located at www.n21radio.com. RPRRadio.com will continue to point and link to the new network website after the transition, so we won’t be hard to find. To make room for many of the soon to be announced preparedness Experts, we had to let some shows go and we will always love and miss them too, but we felt it was imperative to start a dialog about preparedness before it’s too late. We hope you take the time to visit and begin the process of preparing for the possible collapse of our economy. Control of essential items needed for our survival will be the tool used to control people and those who know how to prepare will not be subject to outside control during any state of emergency. So please join n21radio.com for more cutting edge programming that you won’t find no where else. Remember, the Revolution has not ended, to the contrary, its only just begun and we will be here bringing you the latest information on all the topics you care about.

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