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We have a Date! Ron Paul will be keynote speaker!

Hello Everyone,

The day is finally upon us! WE HAVE A DATE! We also have confirmation that Ron Paul will be the keynote speaker at our march and rally in Washington D.C. The date will be July 12, 2008, the march will end at the rally point on the West side of Capitol Hill. More details on the march start point and march route will be released soon!

We want to make this a huge event! As of now, we have had over 14,000 people pledge to march and rally with us! We want 100,000 plus to be there and create one loud voice advocating freedom and less government. We thank Dr. Ron Paul for being our keynote speaker and we will publish a list of other great speakers in the coming weeks.

Like many of you, we were looking forward to marching on June 21. Unfortunately, this was not possible due to permitting. We did get permits for the dates of July 12 and August 2, so we decided to reach out to the excited members of the Revolution to find out which date you preferred. The results of the poll on our website had July 12 as the preferred date with 47% of the vote. Once Dr. Paul confirmed his availability for this date, it was a done deal! We know this movement isn’t about dates, it is about freedom, less government, and personal responsibility. So if that was not the best date for you, we hope that you will do your best to arrange your schedule to support the rest of us who are already committed to that date. We hope that this helps continue to spread the word and message of Dr. Paul and the Ron Paul Revolution!

Volunteers are now needed more than ever. Please visit http://www.revolutionmarch.com and volunteer today. We really need help with stage, lighting and sound. Another big area we could us help with is Public Relations, anyone who has a business or expertise in areas of Public Relations please contact us ASAP. There are plenty of other things we need help with to make this a big and successful event so please join us today.


The RevolutionMarch Team

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A historical event has come your way. You have the opportunity to demonstrate your [peaceful] rage against the machine.

If you can’t get to Washington DC, march in your own city. This will be a nationwide event. The world will be watching.

Be a part of it!

This will be a peaceful event. Any attempt to stir a riot or violence will not be tolerated, as as this will compromise the revolution and threatens its participants.

The Military Commissions Act (2006) allows the government to use violent resistance against a riot. Protesters could be seriously injured or even killed by rubber bullets and other suppressive weapons.

In the name of war-on-terror, people detained may receive no trial, no habeas corpus, and could even be taken overseas to secret prisons.

No violence

No rioting

No weapons

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Ron Paul Forums: Pittsburgh Rally against Real ID

On March 13th, 2008, The House Intergovernmental Affairs Committee plans public hearings on Real ID in PA.

AFTF, NVCCA, and our local meetup Ron Paul Revolution: Pittsburgh Area Freedom Activists will be sponsoring an anti-Real ID rally and press conference at these hearings. WE THE PEOPLE must show up in huge numbers and make our opposition to Real ID clear.

Please watch this brand new video I have made for more information about Real ID, its status in PA, and this event:

Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 10:00 AM

University of Pittsburgh- William Pitt Union Ballroom
3959 5th Avenue
Pittsburgh , PA 15213 (Oakland)

Meetup Group: The Ron Paul Revolution: Pittsburgh Area Freedom Activists

Don’t forget about the Anti-Real ID Rally on Thursday, March 13th from 10AM-Noon.

If you feel strongly that we do not need a national ID Card and want the PA legislature to pass the bill that would ban it in this state, this is your chance to get them to do that!

Representatives from the state government will be there and we must give them an up close and personal view of the opposition against Real ID.

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Watch the video responses. Show to everyone you know!

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Another excellent response to Ron Paul’s latest public message.

Paul to Stay in Race

In a video released Thursday night and displayed on the campaign website, Ron Paul revved up revolutionaries once again with the message of liberty, peace, and prosperity. As many were wondering whether he would step out, Paul showed that his dedication to the cause of liberty is more important to him then taking a more comfortable path.

by Jeremiah Johnson

In a video released Thursday night and displayed on the campaign website, Ron Paul revved up revolutionaries once again with the message of liberty, peace, and prosperity. As many were wondering whether he would step out, Paul showed that his dedication to the cause of liberty is more important to him then taking a more comfortable path.

Ron Paul emphasized that his campaign is not about him but about the supporters of freedom. As Paul spoke those words, many Americans tuning in realized that he is in this until there is no one left standing for the Constitution. The message of liberty will be carried to the Republican Convention in September. As Paul spoke about the long term objectives of this revolution, he in no wise suggested that these changes could not come sooner through the dedication of freedom-loving Americans vying for delegate spots to the GOP Convention as well as running for the spectrum of political offices.

Paul said that he has made his mark on history, but while McCain is short on bound delegates, and facing Federal Election Commission legal troubles, Paul’s supporters may succeed in a Paul vs. Obama/Hillary ballot next November. Ron Paul has made this opportunity available and ever the more urgent to Americans who still know what our country was founded on. Hats off to Paul as he once again sacrifices his own comforts to continue in the fight for liberating our country from tyranny and injustice.


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Do not underestimate the ramifications of this message, or the mission of the revolution. America belongs to the people – not the president.

A president is not meant to have the power to control everything the country does. That’s the job of the people.

Our constitution of freedom is designed to prevent power in government. But ultimately, it’s the people themselves that must rise-up and defeat their oppressive government.

“Though victory in the conventional, political sense is not achievable in the presidential race, many victories have been achieved,”

“…hard-core believers is the key to success. The total numbers, and percentages, are less important.”

“…this campaign was the significant first step that signaled a change in direction for our country. Our job now is to plan for the next phase.”

March on Washington will be June 21st!

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WARNING to America:

Your fraudulently elected criminal government has screwed you over by doing all of the following:

  • stealing elections by using corporate voting machines in 80% of the country
  • allowing a ‘terrorist’ attack to happen on 9/11/2001
  • officially lying 935 times to America and the world since 9/11
  • stealing the gold from the World Trade Center
  • starting an illegal war
  • putting America into massive debt while funding an illegal empire
  • causing inflation to purposefully destroy the dollar
  • conspiring with secret societies
  • using the mass-media to try to control public opinion
  • using the ‘Patriot Act’ and the ‘Military Commissions Act’ to undermine the Bill of Rights and deny habeas corpus rights
  • using ‘No Child Left Behind’ to weaken the education system
  • kidnapping, wire-tapping, spying, and torturing
  • waging an illegal war-on-drugs to fuel the prison industrial complex and direct special interest markets
  • considering the use of a nuclear strike and risking world war
  • conspiring to merge the United States into a North American Union
  • funding a dictatorship by funding Pakistani dictator Musharraf and blackmailing Pakistan into giving air-bases to U.S. and failing to investigate the money that the former Pakistani president wired to the lead 9/11 hijacker
  • using military technology (HAARP) to heat-up Earth’s ionosphere
  • propagating high oil prices to fund special interests
  • allowing bankers to control the government
  • and more to come…

These aren’t mere ‘conspiracy theories’ – this is the truth. The truth is that we are not free. Loss of freedom brings revolution, and it is growing, thanks to a secret weapon: the Internet.

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