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Have you ever heard of the New World Order? How about the North American Union – a plan between Canada, USA, and Mexico to merge, borderless, for ‘trade’ and sharing a new currency called the Amero?

Did you know that in May 2008 all Americans may be required to carry a National Identification (ID) card, which carries a radio frequency chip that may be required to hold personal details such as fingerprints? The Real ID Act of 2005 was passed “as part of an emergency military spending and tsunami relief bill” with the intentions of replacing all driver’s licenses and basically creates it into a ‘passport for home’.

Visit RealNightmare.org and the National Conference of State Legislatures to learn more about the National ID, which goes into effect as early as May 11th, 2008.

“More than half the nation’s state legislatures have passed or proposed legislation denouncing the [National ID] plan, and some have penned bills expressly forbidding compliance.” – Eliott C. McLaughlin (CNN)

Most Americans have no idea. These topics have received virtually no attention by the mainstream media.

Zeitgeist movie – watch here.

The North American union has been planned without the consent of the Congress or the people – which will expire the Constitution. Secret plans have been being noticed and revealed, such as superhighways connecting Canada to Mexico, the National ID card, and a number of violations to the Bill of Rights. The American people have purposely been subjected to ‘dumbening’ via the mass media and the education system – in order to keep them unaware of the plans falling into action. Why?

“The last thing the men behind the curtain want is a conscious, informed public capable of critical thinking,” to eliminate your freedom, and to prevent the people from rising against the plans to put the the world into the control of the elite.” – Zeitgeist (film)

The Patriot Act was designed in the month following the (controversial) September 11th attacks, supposedly to ‘protect’ us from terrorism but which also undermined our civil liberties and the First Amendment.

The Bill of Rights has already been completely undermined and Habeas Corpus has been suspended by the Military Commissions Act of 2006 [ref], with which a “person could be held indefinitely, without charges being filed against him or her, without a court hearing, and without entitlement to a legal consultant” [ref]. This act even “prohibits a combatant subject to trial by commission from invoking the Geneva Conventions as a source of rights” [ref].

This Act gives the President the power to [use the military to] arrest and convict anyone he or she ‘establishes’ as a threat. This basically allows the President to undermine the Constitution (which is designed to protect the people, not the government) and therefore stop any ‘threat’ he chooses – yes, even if you’re an American. Even I, writing this article, could fall victim to this act by writing the topics that may ‘undermine national security’. And this, we must understand, is the greatest threat the United States has ever faced since the war for independence.

The North American Union is another step in conjunction with the European Union, the African Union, and a fourth Asian Union (which is underway). These unions are all designed to eliminate the sovereignty of all the states, provinces and country to form these four super-states.

This is the New World Order.

Stan Jones – Montana Libertarian running for Senate in 2006 courageously speaks the truth:

Please watch the film Zeitgeist to learn more.


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How much evidence do we need to start an uprising against these machines? There is absolutely no reason to disbelieve in the possibility of this voter fraud occuring in this election just as well as the two before.

There is only one way to stop it – countable paper ballots!

I also recommend the HBO documentary: Hacking Democracy, which you can see in in-full here on Google video.

HBO: Hacking Democracy trailer

Electronic Voting Machine Fraud:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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Sign the petition now!

For as closely as I have been following this election, I was shocked to have seen the results from Iowa and New Hampshire. The polls seem to be telling us lies. The media is blatantly excluding and trying to silence some candidates while at the same time promoting others.

And the results do not match the evidence!

The evidence is substantial. The movement is growing. The support for change is growing. People are waking-up to what’s really going on. And this could be the last chance to make things right. It’s a chance to save ourselves. We’re on the fringes of a true American revolution and we need to act together.There are some that would rather you didn’t know these things. Instead, you should be going to work. Shopping. Watching television. Believing. Obeying. Conforming with their intentions and fulfilling the dreams of the few elitists as they are herding us like sheep. We are remaining – unfree.

Will you wait until the day you realize the truth? The dollar has no value, yet prices are rising. America goes into recession. The troops are on one side of the world – but the real threat to our sovereignty waits, growing, on the opposite side of the globe. The rich become richer. The poor become poorer. Threat grows. The USA grows weak. The ‘only hope’ to save ourselves: the North American Union. The NAU, EU, UN, China… WWIII? National draft? Will you wait? Or will you do something now, while you have the chance?

Theories, conspiracies, etc. – some refuse to believe it. It’s wild theories, conspiracies. I hold no superior claim to knowledge. It is not a simple thing. But the truth is out there. Open your eyes. Take the red pill. Take responsibility. Cherish democracy, while it lasts, and please – before it’s too late.

Paper ballots petition – sign the petition now!

We the People: Clean Elections Lawsuit

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