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Watch the video responses. Show to everyone you know!

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Support and uphold the Constitution… period.

Welcome to the new America!

Will you allow this to happen?

Do not surrender your mind and your reasoning to ignorance, because this is very real.

It will take everyone to work together if we are ever going to prevent tyranny, fascism, and enslavement. If you think dictator Bush will be the end of it – you’re terribly wrong.

History repeats itself – if we let it. People need to communicate and act together. Become part of a community or organization that is acting to conquer the threat that faces every non-elite person in America.

We The People have an obligation, to our ancestors and the Founding Fathers that fought and died for our freedom, we must revolt against tyranny and oppression to preserve our Rights.

And if you don’t, then you might as well accept your national id card and RFID. You will submit your fingerprints, retinal signature and DNA to the federal government and private, secret institutions. You will have chosen to surrender yourself, your family, and everyone you love. Why? Because you were too lazy or afraid to fight to preserve your rights, constitution, and country. This is what’s at stake… don’t want any longer!

We’re watching it happen. It’s only a matter of time. And the longer we wait – the harder this is going to be.


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