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Now that Huckabee is out, they try to create the impression that McCain has officially won the entire nomination process.

But anyone who understands how it really works knows that this is a lie, because there isn’t an official Republican nomination until the GOP national convention in September.

And yes, Ron Paul is still in the race and is not going to quit. He and his supporters are going to prove that the support is far greater than any mainstream media source is allowed to admit.

What’s really going on here continues to become more and more obvious…


Ron Paul won a landslide victory in Texas against his Republican rival for his congressional seat – by over 70% of the vote.

At the same time, apparently, those same voters voted for McCain – and Paul got only 5% of the vote for presidential nomination in his own state?

Anyone who still believes this crap – that McCain is the preferred Republican candidate – must be ready to believe anything the mainstream media wants them to.

The country is not so divided that we vote both for an anti-war liberal and an endless-war neocon at the same time!

And the election is not decided by electronic voting machines!

The vote is rigged folks – it’s possible, it’s proven, and it’s being done – believe it!

How obvious does this situation need to be before people start taking it seriously. Your elections are being manipulated and rigged. Aren’t you angry yet? Will America continue to stare at their television and accept the endless propaganda?

McCain may have ‘won’ his 1191 delegates, but that still does not mean that this is over. Not all of these delegates are pledged, and the GOP convention isn’t until September – there is no official nominee until then.

So any media or other ill-informed person who tells you that McCain is the nominee – is wrong.


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