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You can see the official LA results at the Louisiana Secretary of State page (results aren’t due until Feb 9 2008).

For everyone wondering what actually happened in Louisiana:

The first thing to know is that Louisiana is known for having an overly-complicated system for their caucuses, as you can see by the rules here. And this isn’t the only LA election that has drawn speculation.

The mainstream media hastily claimed that John McCain is the winner – based only on provisional results – but as we already know has happened in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and in other states so far… those ‘results’ are controversial.

January 26th, 2008 – RonPaul2008.com

Ron Paul Campaign Files Caucus Challenge with Louisiana GOP

Multiple errors in process leave caucus results unresolved

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Yesterday, the Ron Paul presidential campaign filed a letter with the Louisiana Republican Party to contest the credentials of delegates to the state convention.

Under state party rules, campaigns have 72 hours from the end of the caucus to file such a contest. This contest was filed in response to multiple problems with the caucus process.

“The initial failure of the Louisiana GOP to properly determine who was and wasn’t eligible to vote threw this entire process into disarray,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “However, voter eligibility was just one of many irregularities with the caucus process. We are filing this contest to ensure that we can challenge the results if it appears that delegates were improperly selected.”

The Louisiana State GOP changed the rules at the eleventh hour to allow other candidates to file more delegates, even though there were plenty of delegates to compose full slates in each congressional district. At the time of the original January 10 deadline, Ron Paul had the largest number of delegates pledged to him. The party then changed the rules to give other candidates until January 12 to file more delegates.

In addition, due to mistakes by the Louisiana GOP, hundreds of voters were forced to file provisional ballots, including nearly 500 that could change the outcome of the election. According to the LA GOP, caucus locations relied on a voter list from November 1, 2007 or perhaps earlier despite the fact that under the caucus rules, voters need only have registered Republican before November 30, 2007.

There were even instances at the caucuses where state-certified Ron Paul delegates appearing on the ballot were forced to file a provisional ballot despite the fact they were pre-approved as delegates.

Basically, this ‘challenge’ is to first make a statement: if things don’t seem right, we’re going to investigate.

The charges are at the Louisiana GOP for not

1) ensuring voter eligibility – forcing eligible voters to use untrustworthy provisional ballots as well as
2) changing the rules by adding two more days for filing delegates.

Before the rule was changed, Ron Paul had the most delegates.

Voters who changed their party to Republican in November (the rules allow until Nov. 30th) were not listed on the outdated voter lists used at the caucus locations – these voters had to fill-in provisional ballots.

How reliable are provisional ballots? Well, in the 2004 election, at least 1.9 million provisional ballots were cast nationwide, and 676,000 were never counted due to various states’ rules on counting provisional ballots. It’s obviously a problem worth fighting.

To me, it just seems like a potential way for a caucus to be manipulated into forging fraudulent results. In primaries its easy: just install machines to take votes that can’t be double-checked – but Louisiana’s caucus has it’s own tactics.

Do people really still believe in the election process? What kind of democracy is this?

Part 2. Part 3.

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