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Is America’s situation really any different from the rise of fascism in Nazi Germany?

There is a growing darkness in the American government, it is apparent, it is being talked about, and it must be stopped before it stops the people – which could be very soon.

But there is no ‘silver bullet’ candidate. America requires far, far more than the flimsy idea of ‘change’. The problem needs to be solved at its roots.

My personal opinion (Obama supporters, please forgive):

Sadly, although Obama’s supporters have the right heart, they seem to be missing the facts.

By that I mean, it seems they haven’t taken the time to take a very close look at what other’s are saying and what’s really going on. They don’t know much about the history, don’t want to believe that something terrible is happening, and don’t take the time to do the research. I say this because, I used to be an Obama supporter too. But I was patient, took the time to look closely and without bias, and as a result I learned more than I could have ever imagined (the purpose of this blog is to help spread that knowledge).

And I know that there’s another candidate who appeals to the real idea of change that Obama preaches and his supporters thirst for. Ron Paul is the candidate who knows the true reality, and true problems, and how to fight and overcome them. He is not a silver bullet, but he has told us exactly what needs to be done, and his supporters understand that as well – end the problem at its roots.

All I ask of Obama’s supporters is for them to take an unbiased look at Ron Paul: watch his videos, know where he stands.

But above all, if anything… Obama’s supporters must understand what it means when people speak about his membership with the Council on Foreign Relations and what it is. Ron Paul is the only candidate now who is not affiliated with this globalist, corporate and special interest group – and that says a lot!


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