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The more you learn the truth… you start seeing lies everywhere!

“Change” is everywhere. Ironically, Barack Obama is not. Observe… subliminal advertising upon your subconscious mind. Will you let it?

At about 00:20, even Kieth Olbermann emphasizes the word “change” when he speaks. And this is not a solitary incident.


A message to anyone out there who believes Obama is a wonderful speaker, inspiring, and intellectual:

obama change subliminal advertising

Please, please consider the possibility that presidential candidates are not chosen by the people. I’d bet you didn’t know much about Barack Obama before this ‘campaign’ began. Like all the other mainstream candidates, obama change subliminal advertisingObama was chosen. You have to see the fact: it’s a game!

You need to ask yourself, “Who is controlling this game?”

And realize the fact that the best way to win a game is to control it from both sides. “Democrat” and “Republican” doesn’t really mean anything. Sure, they represent the difference between right and left, but the point is that you’re not really given choice – only the illusion of choice.

This is true… it’s like a game show, or a beauty pageant. We’re not supposed to choose the best candidate for policy, we’re just getting the chance to ‘change’ what person will play president. But policy, war, financial chaos… there will be no such change with a mainstream media candidate. But at least he’ll be able to speak articulately!

“We may not look alike, but yes, we share a common bloodline.”

“If only they knew what we do at Bohemian Grove!”

“If you want to make an omelet, you have to crack some eggs!”

“Calm down slaves… take your drugs, watch Fox News, and everything is going to be alright!”


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