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Soon to come, Americans lose their constitutional right to protect themselves.

When Bush declares an emergency and enacts martial law (a power he granted to himself without consent of Congress), it will be Hurricane Katrina nationwide, as paramilitary forces seize all weapons and arrest all who resist tyranny.

That means, that if you don’t comply, you will have no right to habeas corpus (no trial, no lawyer, no phone call), and you could be held indefinitely. If they really want to stick it to you, you’ll be taken overseas and could be tortured and killed in a secret prison.

Gun Owners Fooled By Mammoth Supreme Court Hoax

Paul Joseph Watson & Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, March 20, 2008

USA Today op-ed details why right to bear arms is bedrock of American bulwark against a tyrannical state, Supreme Court debate green light for massive gun control.

As Gun Owners of America point out today in a USA Today op-ed, the second amendment is the very bedrock of America and shouldn’t even be the subject of a Supreme Court debate.

…the nine Supreme Court justices hinted that the right to bear arms is a “general right.”

However, the case is likely to conclude with the introduction of several new regulations on hand gun ownership at the very least, and, if the government gets its way, a total ban on handguns.

The outcome will set the precedent for gun laws nationwide.

I remember the days of believing that guns are bad, and that only crazy and deranged people would want them. But the truth is, it not guns that kill, it’s crime that kills. Guns also protect, against the crimes of the government. (Not to mention, guns are a very handy survival tool.)

The founding fathers gave us this right, second only to the right to free speech, because it is so important. Our right to bare arms is the final lifeline we have against public enemy #1 – a corrupt government.

Get your guns now, if you still can.

We know why they’re trying to change this law. Like so many things they’ve had planned, being revealed today. They’re frantic, as they have apparently realized that their time is running out. American’s are waking up to the truth, and very quickly.

It is crunch time. Within the year we should expect, and be prepared for, a complete shut-down of the infrastructure. Bush will declare a national emergency and there will be martial law. If we cannot protect ourselves, this may well be the event horizon towards our enslavement.

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