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Ron Paul was popular in Florida, but not according to the vote.

A message from a Ron Paul supporter in Florida:

I wanted to share my experience canvassing here in Broward County, South Florida.

As you know, Dr. Paul took 3% of the vote yesterday in Florida. A friend and I signed up on the campaign’s website to be a precinct leader, and took it upon ourselves to canvass 13 precincts in Broward County. I’m proud to report that in the precincts that we canvassed, Dr. Paul came in second to John McCain.

That’s right; Dr. Paul beat Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee. This happened with almost NO media coverage of Dr. Paul. It’s particularly noteworthy, because Broward County is a stronghold of Rudy Giuliani.

But CNN claims that Ron Paul got only 62,060 votes (3%) in all of Florida. CNN doesn’t even put Ron Paul’s name on their election graph – coloring his section in gray. And does CNN mention that Florida has had corporately owned Diebold elections for the past 7+ years? No.

But this was Giuliani’s last (and pretty much only) stop in this race. In his “thank you” fairwell, he almost forgot to mention Huckabee, but remembers Ron Paul, admitting that Ron was the winner of all the debates “on that thing where you call in all the time… I used to watch it afterwards when I’d go back to my room and Ron Paul would win all the debates.”

It seems Giuliani will now ‘go back to his room’ only to continue to realize that Ron Paul is winning. Now that he’s quit, at least he knows that the next time he hears a mob of Ron Paul enthusiasts – it won’t be at his public events.

There were 11 Republicans at the start of this race. There are now FOUR.

Some media claim that the entire race comes down to McCain and Romney, probably suspecting Huckabee will drop out since he did worse than Giuliani in Florida and his campaign is going broke. And ignoring the fact that Ron Paul even exists.

But ‘the man who has no chance’ is still in the race, and his campaign is growing stronger and stronger, and has another huge fund-raising event on February 1st.

Hopefully by now, nearly every American has asked themselves, “why is the media ignoring this one candidate – Ron Paul?”

The owners of the mass media depend on a corrupt government. Ron Paul will cleanse and reduce the government. So they don’t want him to win. But now they can’t stop the revolution. Go Ron Paul, go.

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