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Sign the McCain FEC Complaint Letter

By his own admission, John McCain is breaking the law. His latest spending report has him $4 million over the limit he imposed on himself when he accepted public financing.

We’re not about to let this stand, so on Tuesday we filed an FEC complaint against the McCain campaign (check out the video of delivery to the right). Now we’re set for a second larger delivery of 30,000 signatures of Americans who won’t stand by while John McCain breaks the law.


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An example of how badly America needs an education?

Fewer than enough of us know what’s actually going on in the world or even in our own country. So you see, it is up to those of us who do know to get out there and talk to people. Even if you aren’t prepared to give the answers, at least present the questions. Just talk about it! Raise the interest. Whatever happens, don’t let ignorance prevail.

Politics bores people, but that’s the problem: too many of us aren’t educated. A big question I want to know is… why don’t we know? The Department of Education has failed! Or, has it succeeded? Does the Fed want us to be uneducated – in the history of our country, in the Rights that we were given?

No! Generally speaking, I’d bet more Americans are educated in the life of celebrities than on their civil liberties. Can you name all the Rights the Constitution gave to The People? Do you even know where the Bill of Rights is in the Constitution? Why didn’t they teach us?

How many people out there can recite their Rights? Well, I went to federal (public) schools for most of my life, and I was never taught a damn thing about the Constitution until I took an introductory class to politics in University.

So how many American’s didn’t take a politics class in university? How many were taught in high school? How many thought that school sucked, so didn’t pay attention in class anyways?

Despite how stupid these people might seem, all they really need is the motivation and a bit of understanding. Once people get a taste of the truth, they’ll be begging for more, and they will stand up for their freedoms.

As the joke goes, “Ron Paul doesn’t deliver babies with his hands, he reads them the Bill of Rights and they come crawling out for freedom.” If people just knew the truth, they would be begging to have their Rights back.

“Spread the word.” – Ron Paul

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This video is meant to be funny – but it’s also true.

To be come the party’s nominee for president the candidate must win the support of the majority of delegates at that party’s national convention.

The delegates at the national convention vote for the nominee or candidate as determined by the outcomes of the state caucuses and primary elections.

Now the number of convention delegates that vote for these nominees or candidates is divided amongst the states proportionately.

Most of these delegates are pledged to a candidate or nominee who wins the states’ primary or caucus.

But each party and each state has its own guidelines – rewarding these delegates who vote for the candidate or nominee at the national convention.

Some states divide their delegates proportionately, some states like ‘unplaced’ delegates who can vote for any nominee or candidate regardless of the results of the primaries or caucuses.

Counting takes place to determine which democrat candidate or nominee is the person to secure 2183 votes from 4364 delegates – pledged or unpledged at the national convention.

And with republican candidate or nominee it’s the person to secure 1191 delegates, pledged or unpledged to the 2380 elected to the national convention…

…before finally the candidate with the most amount of money is declared president! (This part is just for humor – but it’s basically true anyways.)

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Ron Paul passionately defends himself against accusation of racism based on newsletters he didn’t write. His stance on the position is fully defended as he associates himself and libertarianism with the most un-racist movements and people in history. His stance on the drug war is to pardon all the [non-violent] prisoners sentence simply for drug offenses (which includes mostly minorities).

Wikipedia Political Positions of Ron Paul

In 1997, Paul voted to end affirmative action in college admissions. Paul criticizes both racism and obsession with racial identity:

“Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. Racists believe that all individuals who share superficial physical characteristics are alike: as collectivists, racists think only in terms of groups. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so-called ‘diversity’ actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racist.” – Ron Paul on Government and Racism

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How much evidence do we need to start an uprising against these machines? There is absolutely no reason to disbelieve in the possibility of this voter fraud occuring in this election just as well as the two before.

There is only one way to stop it – countable paper ballots!

I also recommend the HBO documentary: Hacking Democracy, which you can see in in-full here on Google video.

HBO: Hacking Democracy trailer

Electronic Voting Machine Fraud:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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