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Obama supports decriminalization, and he does not! Obama thinks we have too many young people behind bars because of drug offenses, but wants to keep marijuana illegal! Obama says that our prisons are too full with first time offenders, but doesn’t oppose the war on drugs!

Obama cannot make-up his mind, or he’s being advised against taking a position on this ‘delicate’ issue.

But seriously, the fact is, Obama will not legalize marijuana or change the law… period. The only candidate who supports your freedom to smoke or drink whatever you want is… Ron Paul!


Nevermind, Barack Obama Wants to Arrest Marijuana Users After All

For one brief glorious moment, we thought Barack Obama supported marijuana decriminalization. He said so in 2004 and his campaign reiterated it yesterday, only to subsequently retreat and pledge support for current marijuana laws.

At first, Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said that the candidate had “always” supported decriminalizing marijuana, suggesting his 2004 statement was correct. Then after the Times posted copies of the video on its Web site today, his campaign reversed course and declared he does not support eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana possession and use.”If you’re convicted of a crime, you should be punished, but that we are sending far too many first-time, non-violent drug users to prison for very long periods of time, and that we should rethink those laws,” Vietor said. The spokesman blamed confusion over the meaning of decriminalization for the conflicting answers. [Washington Times]


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