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Benign, compared to the many other horrors

Warning: this video reveals the true, horrid nature of the unconstitutional, imperial, criminal invasion of Iraq by the neocons controlling Washington and the White House.

You may remember this and other photos from the Abu Ghraib torture incident from 2004, and the sick Americans who took their own photos in scenes of abuse.

So compared to what people have been talking about here the pictures are quite benign.Yahia (an Iraqi witness)

[M]any people noted that there was not a frank apology from the president for this incident.Ben Wedeman (CNN)

BBC: Why Democracy

This is not a solitary incident.

Due to the Military Commissions Act of 2006, Bush or any other president the power, should he desire, has the power to use such military force within America against anyone who can be declared as ‘an enemy combatant’.

This may include anyone – innocent people, protesters, or a person organizing an anti-war protest in Washington D.C.

So when you see what the military are capable of and allowed to do, you know: we have a lot to fear.


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