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I wish real news was as accurate as fake news.


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Subject: Ron Paul –
One reason I’m not a huge Ron Paul supporter, the man is an OBGYN. It’s not suprising he has the opinions that he does on socalized health care. He sees that system as a huge financial loss for his own pocket. I know he didn’t get into the business to lose money.

Ron Paul is not rich and even gives some of his government earnings to help pay off the American debt. He is not in it for money. Also, he didn’t choose to run for president – he was asked to. He even says, “I don’t want to run your life or your economy.”

I don’t think Ron Paul’s career when not in Washington (i.e. being a doctor) has anything to do with his libertarian philosophy. He probably chose to be a doctor because he likes to help people.

Ron Paul goes by the rules (i.e. the Constitution) – a testament to his value of Freedom.

To protect our freedom, we must not let a powerful government have control of our lives, because having a ‘large’ government only increases the inevitability of corruption. This was the founders premise when they drafted the Constitution.

No government control. The purpose of government is to protect us and our freedom – not nanny us with health care. Let the people take care of themselves (i.e. ‘the invisible hand’ of the free market) – people are smart enough to create and use an effective and affordable health-care plan, without big-brother.

When the government provides national health care – if it fails, everyone loses.

If American health care corporations (i.e. hospitals and insurance) weren’t owned and managed by corrupt individuals who manipulate and control the government, health care would have the opportunity to compete to provide the best health care for the best price.

Please vote for Ron Paul. “Freedom really works.”

Thanks for the email.

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Wesley Snipes has become a new face in the tax-denial movement. Tax deniers claim that while taxes are legal, there is no law that actually requires people to pay the government.

Recently learning about this and the great amount of evidence to support it, Snipes stopped paying his income tax.

According to BlackAmericaWeb.com:

Snipes also was paying millions in federal income taxes, until 2000 when he accepted the argument by two Florida men that he didn’t have to, prosecutors say. Citing a long-rejected interpretation of federal tax code popular with tax protesters, Snipes allegedly tried to collect millions in illegal refunds.

January 14, 2008Actor Wesley Snipes’ Tax Trial Begins

February 1, 2008 – Wesley Snipes AQUITTED on Most Serious Tax Charges

According to GiveMeLiberty.org:

Evidence strongly suggests that the 16th Amendment, which establishes the income tax, was not approved properly as required by the Constitution and was fraudulently ratified.

“If this evidence is true, the income tax is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” says Robert L. Schulz.

Apparently the NY Times has tried to use this case to smear the Ron Paul campaign. Paul is opposed to the IRS and the Federal Income tax and seeks to dispose of it. He has also appointed Peter Schiff as his economic adviser – author of a best-selling book, “The Great Income Tax Hoax: Why You Can Immediately Stop Paying This Illegally Enforced Tax“.

Paul, Schiff, and Snipes may be being called radicals by the mainstream media, but they may someday be among the greatest names in the movement against the illegally-enforced tax. NolanChart.com

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This blog is designed for cataloging and quoting external sources of information about cannabis as well as to follow the 2008 presidential candidates with particular focus on Ron Paul. This site does in no way suspect to make claims without evidence. Unquoted text is only the opinion of the author. Video evidence is particularly valued and is used whenever possible to promote an idea or support an article.

The campaign for Ron Paul extends this web site beyond the legality of cannabis towards freedom for all. Ron Paul will not only re-legalize cannabis but he would end the D.E.A. and dismantle the Federal Government from interfering in people’s lives in any way where the Constitution does not allow it to do so. This blog, therefore, is highly dedicated to promoting Ron Paul for U.S. president and the principals he stands by.

Sharing links is another vital aspect of this blog. The Internet is the last and most-free place in the world for people to unite against their oppressors. Internet activism is a powerful tool, and through networking we can exchange greater information and further education.

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