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In the biography of the Bush family, they are called “the most successful political dynasty in American history.” It started with G. W. Bush’s great grandfather Samuel Prescott Bush, becoming associated with the Rockefellers, led to his presidency of Frank Rockefeller’s steel and railway industry – which reaped profits from the soon-after WW1 and has been growing ever since.

His son, Prescott Bush, was a federal government official in charge of coordination and assistance to major weapons contractors. He was also admitted to the Skull & Bones society when at Yale University, he lied about getting medals during his military service, and later married into the George Herbert Walker family to inherit control of one of the oldest partnership banks in the United States, which funded the growth of the Nazi Party.

And then George H. W. Bush and his son became presidents of the United States – to become known for their use of the aggressive foreign policy seen today – to reap profits for themselves and other elite involved in the military industrial complex as well as investment bankers, with the agenda of secret societies – and with the aim and intent to steal America and sell-it-off for the power to control the world.

“Time is running out!”


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Eisenhower warned about this: allowing a military industrial complex to grow – so powerful that it’s able to control the politics of war (i.e. stimulate conflict and war to make profits). In his farewell speech to the nation (after two full terms as president), he described the Cold War saying:

“We face a hostile ideology global in scope, atheistic in character, ruthless in purpose and insidious in method…” and warned about what he saw as unjustified government spending proposals and continued with a warning that “we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complexOnly an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.” – Dwight Eisenhower (34th President of the United States (1953–1961))

The Carlyle Group was founded on 1987. Today, it has investors in 68 countries with $74.9 billion of equity capital. It has been criticized for the number of elite members in its group and for creating conflicts of interest when political decision makers have their own personal wealth linked to such investments.

The Saudi Arabian relatives of Osama bin Laden were also investors in Carlyle until October 2001 when the family sold its $2.02 million investment back to the firm in light of the public controversy surrounding bin Laden’s family after the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.

George Bush Sr. & Jr. are both members of the Carlyle Group today.

Capital beyond imagination.

George Bush Sr. – a Saudi business leaders best friend.

How to make $237 million in one day:

Bush Sr. and Shafig bin Laden watch 9/11 attacks together at the Carlyle Group’s Washington conference – live.

Why bribe when you can give them a business?

Help suppress their people too!

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The Trilateral Commission is a private organization, established to foster closer cooperation between America, Europe and Japan. It was founded in July 1973, at the initiative of David Rockefeller; who was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at that time and the Commission is widely seen as a counterpart to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The organization has come under much scrutiny and criticism by political activists and academics working in the social and political sciences. The Commission has found its way into a number of conspiracy theories, especially when it became known that President Jimmy Carter appointed 26 former Commission members to senior positions in his Administration. Later it was revealed that Carter himself was a former Trilateral member. In the 1980 election, it was revealed that Carter and his two major opponents, John B. Anderson and George H. W. Bush, were also members, and the Commission became a campaign issue. Ronald Reagan supporters noted that he was not a Trilateral member, but after he was chosen as Republican nominee he chose Bush as his running mate; as president, he appointed a few Trilateral members to Cabinet positions and held a reception for the Commission in the White House in 1984. The John Birch Society, which takes a conspiracy-oriented view, believes that the Trilateral Commission is dedicated to a one-world government. In 1980, Holly Sklar released a book titled:

Trilateralism: the Trilateral Commission and Elite Planning for World Management

There are two levels of political process which need to be considered in any analysis of U.S. election campaigns. The first, which gets greater attention in the news media and academic writings, is best labeled the party politics level. This is the familiar world of political bosses and their machines, party elites, advertising agencies merchandising a candidate to the voters, and the often carnival-like atmosphere of grass roots campaigning. The second level, much less reported-at least partly because it takes place behind the scenes-is actually more important than the first. It is best called the ruling class level of U.S. politics. This term refers to the ways in which an upper class can control the political process. This level includes the world of large-scale fund raising from wealthy upper class individuals, the networks of influential people developed by exclusive private clubs and policy-planning groups, and the media’s merchandising of favored candidates through manipulation of the definition of news… read the rest!


Some others who are or have been members:

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WARNING to America:

Your fraudulently elected criminal government has screwed you over by doing all of the following:

  • stealing elections by using corporate voting machines in 80% of the country
  • allowing a ‘terrorist’ attack to happen on 9/11/2001
  • officially lying 935 times to America and the world since 9/11
  • stealing the gold from the World Trade Center
  • starting an illegal war
  • putting America into massive debt while funding an illegal empire
  • causing inflation to purposefully destroy the dollar
  • conspiring with secret societies
  • using the mass-media to try to control public opinion
  • using the ‘Patriot Act’ and the ‘Military Commissions Act’ to undermine the Bill of Rights and deny habeas corpus rights
  • using ‘No Child Left Behind’ to weaken the education system
  • kidnapping, wire-tapping, spying, and torturing
  • waging an illegal war-on-drugs to fuel the prison industrial complex and direct special interest markets
  • considering the use of a nuclear strike and risking world war
  • conspiring to merge the United States into a North American Union
  • funding a dictatorship by funding Pakistani dictator Musharraf and blackmailing Pakistan into giving air-bases to U.S. and failing to investigate the money that the former Pakistani president wired to the lead 9/11 hijacker
  • using military technology (HAARP) to heat-up Earth’s ionosphere
  • propagating high oil prices to fund special interests
  • allowing bankers to control the government
  • and more to come…

These aren’t mere ‘conspiracy theories’ – this is the truth. The truth is that we are not free. Loss of freedom brings revolution, and it is growing, thanks to a secret weapon: the Internet.

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PublicIntegrity.org posted an excellent article by Charles Lewis and Mark Reading-Smith:

False Pretenses
Following 9/11, President Bush and seven top officials of his administration waged a carefully orchestrated campaign of misinformation about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

President George W. Bush and seven of his administration’s top officials, including Vice President Dick Cheney, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, made at least 935 false statements in the two years following September 11, 2001, about the national security threat posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Nearly five years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, an exhaustive examination of the record shows that the statements were part of an orchestrated campaign that effectively galvanized public opinion and, in the process, led the nation to war under decidedly false pretenses.

False Statements by Month Graph

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To me, the most astonishing thing about this is that George Bush has managed to get away with his crimes and violations for such a long time, and that impeachment hasn’t yet been seriously put on the table until fairly recently.

Tough Talk on Impeachment with Bill Moyers (Part 1)

Part 2: watch here
Part 3: watch here

According to CBS, former Democratic Candidate George McGovern called for impeachment recently. He said that the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney is “the rightful course for an American patriot.” McGovern has also stated that the cause to impeach Bush and Cheney is far stronger than it was for the impeachment of Nixon.

“They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time. Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world. These are truly ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ to use the constitutional standard.” – George McGovern

Dennis Kucinich has proposed impeachment for months. A resolution in November was surprisingly averted by his own party while being supported by the republicans in the House of Representatives. His resolution still stands strong but now includes both Bush and Cheney.

“[There is] a political advantage to the democrats in letting the president stay in – being unchallenged- and more or less letting the people of the country render a judgment in the November election against all republicans – but that’s folly, because what they’re doing actually is undermining the Constitution. Impeachment is mentioned six places in the Constitution – the Founders felt very strongly about a remedy to achieve an effective check and balance. So, I’m going to persist and very soon I’ll be introducing articles – it will be about a 50-count charge against the president.” – Dennis Kucinich

In my own investigation I have discovered the following as charges against the president. Like Kucinich said, there are many more reasons and violations of the Constitution to impeach George W. Bush.

  1. – George W. Bush ignored specific intelligence and warnings by domestic and foreign agents of an eminent attack on America similar to that of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and did not proceed to prevent it – resulting in the death of over 6000 Americans. [ref]
  2. – George W. Bush lied to the Congress and the American public on many accounts in order to justify the illegal and fraudulent invasion of Iraq. [ref]
  3. – George W. Bush misused government funds to bomb Iraq without Congressional authorization.
  4. – George W. Bush has subjected American military personnel to unnecessary harm, debilitating injuries, and deaths by illegal acts of imperial aggression in the Middle East.
  5. – George W. Bush violated the Geneva Convention by allowing the torture and deaths of prisoners of war while keeping them hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross, as well as using illegal weapons such as white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and napalm. [ref]
  6. – George W. Bush has knowingly caused damage in the billions of dollars to the U.S. economy via the illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the abuse of the Federal Reserve system by the printing of un-backed paper money. [ref]
  7. – George W. Bush has used the false “war against terrorism” and the Military Commissions Act to suspend the Constitution of the United States, particularly through the USA PATRIOT Act, suspension of habeas corpus, wiretapping and electronic surveillance without a warrant. [ref]
  8. – George W. Bush has violated the Constitution by arbitrarily detaining Americans, legal residents, and non-Americans, without due process, without charge, and without access to counsel. [ref]
  9. – George W. Bush has disobeyed over 750 Congressional laws and any laws that conflict with “his interpretation of the Constitution.” [ref]
  10. – George W. Bush has violated Federal law by the use of propaganda and disinformation by selectively leaking classified information. [ref]
  11. – George W. Bush has violated the Constitution and abused presidential power by asserting a “Unitary Executive Theory” – giving unlimited powers to the President and obstructing efforts by the Congress and the Courts to restrict presidential actions. [ref]
  12. – George W. Bush has violated State and Federal law by allowing tampering and obstructions of the elections of 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 by the use of faulty voting machines and suppression of voters in Florida and Ohio. [ref]

Wikipedia – Movement to Impeach George W. Bush

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