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Federal Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced by Rep. Ron Paul

April 17, 2008 – Washington, DC, USA

Washington, DC: Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced H.R. 5842, the “Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act,” earlier today. This bill would make federal authorities respect states’ current laws on medicinal cannabis and end DEA raids on facilities distributing medical marijuana legally under state law.

Representative Paul, whose presidential campaign prominently featured the ending of the drug war as a platform plank, was joined by Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) in sponsoring this bill.

“I think marijuana is a helpful medical treatment for the people who have intractable nausea,” Paul said in a 2004 House debate regarding a similar measure. “I would like to point out this is not something strange that we are suggesting here. For the first 163 years of our history in this country, the federal government had total hands off, they never interfered with what the states were doing.”

Twelve states have approved the use of medical marijuana, beginning with California in 1996 with the passage of Proposition 215. The DEA continues to raid and harass medicinal cannabis dispensaries operating within these states’ laws. Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both indicated they would end such raids should they be elected.

Michigan will vote on an initiative to adopt medical cannabis legislation this November. Minnesota and Rhode Island’s respective legislatures are also considering pro-reform legislation this year.

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Ron Paul’s long-term thinking in dangerous times

Bonnie Alba
March 17, 2008

The present crowd of liberally educated elitists controlling government decisions and policies has practiced a whole range of enlightened ideas which goes against all common sense. Repeatedly hawked by the liberal media, we see a continuing rash of resolutions and laws enacted which make little sense to most Americans. “We the people” feel threatened by this continued lack of cohesion between “us and them.”

While Paul stressed that this is a contest between “two ideologies,” it boils down to either a nation under the U.S. Constitution or taking the course of all previously civilized nations — to a form of graduated socialism which almost always ends in some form of totalitarianism.

Right this moment America stands at the bottom of a stored-up ocean of debt that encompasses the next hundred years. Leading to a nation without liberty and freedom, America will become a gigantic, tax and spend, socialist government.

“We the people” sense that Ron Paul is right in so many ways about America. Ultra-strong on his economic sense, he understands what the majority of Congress, the President’s administration and the people fail to comprehend.

He knows in his heart that America must look to her own survival as a matter of course instead of following our present road to Hell.

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Ron Paul on the Surveillance Bill
Friday, March 14th, 2008 – AntiWar.com

Ron Paul opposes both the Republican and Democratic proposals to renew the telecom surveillance bill. Following is his speech before the US House of Representatives, Friday, March 14, 2008.

I rise in opposition to this latest attempt to undermine our personal liberties and violate the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. This bill will allow the federal government to engage in the bulk collection of American citizens’ communications. In effect, it means that any American may have his electronic communications monitored without a search warrant.

As such, the bill clearly violates the Fourth Amendment, which states:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”


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Break the matrix.

Mainstream is, generally, the common current of thought of the majority. It is a term most often applied in the arts (i.e., music, literature, and performance). This includes:

  • something that is ordinary or usual;
  • something that is familiar to the masses;
  • something that is available to the general public.

As such, the mainstream includes all popular culture, typically disseminated by mass media.

Mass media is a term used to denote a section of the media specifically envisioned and designed to reach a very large audience such as the population of a nation state.

Toward the end of the 20th century, the advent of the World Wide Web marked the first era in which any individual could have a means of exposure on a scale comparable to that of mass media. For the first time, anyone with a web site can address a global audience.

The invention of the Internet has also allowed breaking news stories to reach around the globe within minutes. This rapid growth of instantaneous, decentralized communication is often deemed likely to change mass media and its relationship to society.

The internet is quickly becoming the center of mass media.

FOX News Investigative Reporters Fired For Telling The Truth

The Fox News Channel has been the subject of several controversies. Critics of the channel accuse it of political bias towards the right. The network has denied such allegations. There have been many accusations of bias, as well as some studies that support such accusations.

In politics, right-wing, the political right, and the right are terms used in the spectrum of left-right politics, and much like the opposite appellation of left-wing, it has a broad variety of definitions.

Censorship of Ron Paul:

Ron Paul is on the “right”, so why doesn’t Fox News like Ron Paul?

He’s not their kind of right. Ron Paul is a constitutional-conservative-libertarian.

Rupert Murdoch, and the people who control the media, are neo-cons (a political philosophy that is actually leftist, but pretends to be on the right).

Right-libertarianism, more commonly called Libertarian conservatism, describes certain political ideologies with views between libertarianism and right-wing conservatism, such as limited government and capitalism.

Part 1

Part 2

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High Tide: The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Notice, you won’t find this kind of dedication attributed to any other presidential ‘candidates’. Dr. Paul is more than a candidate, he’s a hero and legend in the making.

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Another excellent response to Ron Paul’s latest public message.

Paul to Stay in Race

In a video released Thursday night and displayed on the campaign website, Ron Paul revved up revolutionaries once again with the message of liberty, peace, and prosperity. As many were wondering whether he would step out, Paul showed that his dedication to the cause of liberty is more important to him then taking a more comfortable path.

by Jeremiah Johnson

In a video released Thursday night and displayed on the campaign website, Ron Paul revved up revolutionaries once again with the message of liberty, peace, and prosperity. As many were wondering whether he would step out, Paul showed that his dedication to the cause of liberty is more important to him then taking a more comfortable path.

Ron Paul emphasized that his campaign is not about him but about the supporters of freedom. As Paul spoke those words, many Americans tuning in realized that he is in this until there is no one left standing for the Constitution. The message of liberty will be carried to the Republican Convention in September. As Paul spoke about the long term objectives of this revolution, he in no wise suggested that these changes could not come sooner through the dedication of freedom-loving Americans vying for delegate spots to the GOP Convention as well as running for the spectrum of political offices.

Paul said that he has made his mark on history, but while McCain is short on bound delegates, and facing Federal Election Commission legal troubles, Paul’s supporters may succeed in a Paul vs. Obama/Hillary ballot next November. Ron Paul has made this opportunity available and ever the more urgent to Americans who still know what our country was founded on. Hats off to Paul as he once again sacrifices his own comforts to continue in the fight for liberating our country from tyranny and injustice.


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Read the comments for this article!

March 7, 2008, 12:49 am
Paul Admits ‘Conventional’ Defeat

By Sarah Wheaton

In a message posted on YouTube on Thursday, Representative Ron Paul acknowledged that he would not be able to win the Republican presidential nomination.

“Though victory in the conventional political sense is not available in the presidential race, many victories have been achieved due to your hard work and enthusiasm,” Mr. Paul, of Texas, said in the video, which clocked in at over seven minutes long.

Nonetheless, he said later, he would continue to…


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Do not underestimate the ramifications of this message, or the mission of the revolution. America belongs to the people – not the president.

A president is not meant to have the power to control everything the country does. That’s the job of the people.

Our constitution of freedom is designed to prevent power in government. But ultimately, it’s the people themselves that must rise-up and defeat their oppressive government.

“Though victory in the conventional, political sense is not achievable in the presidential race, many victories have been achieved,”

“…hard-core believers is the key to success. The total numbers, and percentages, are less important.”

“…this campaign was the significant first step that signaled a change in direction for our country. Our job now is to plan for the next phase.”

March on Washington will be June 21st!

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Support and uphold the Constitution… period.

Welcome to the new America!

Will you allow this to happen?

Do not surrender your mind and your reasoning to ignorance, because this is very real.

It will take everyone to work together if we are ever going to prevent tyranny, fascism, and enslavement. If you think dictator Bush will be the end of it – you’re terribly wrong.

History repeats itself – if we let it. People need to communicate and act together. Become part of a community or organization that is acting to conquer the threat that faces every non-elite person in America.

We The People have an obligation, to our ancestors and the Founding Fathers that fought and died for our freedom, we must revolt against tyranny and oppression to preserve our Rights.

And if you don’t, then you might as well accept your national id card and RFID. You will submit your fingerprints, retinal signature and DNA to the federal government and private, secret institutions. You will have chosen to surrender yourself, your family, and everyone you love. Why? Because you were too lazy or afraid to fight to preserve your rights, constitution, and country. This is what’s at stake… don’t want any longer!

We’re watching it happen. It’s only a matter of time. And the longer we wait – the harder this is going to be.


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Ron Paul — 70.29%
Chris Peden — 29.70%

Ron Paul Wins In Texas
March 5th, 2008 by Patrick Semmens

Those of us here at the presidential campaign want to congratulate Dr. Paul and his congressional campaign staff on their overwhelming win in his TX-14 primary last night. (Congressman Paul won with over 70 percent of the vote.)

The citizens of Texas’ 14th congressional district know Ron Paul better than anyone else, and they made a strong statement last night that they want him to continue fighting for freedom in Washington, DC.

Responding to the win, Dr. Paul made the following remarks:

I am honored that the voters in the 14th District expressed their continued confidence in my leadership by overwhelmingly reelecting me to the House of Representatives. I have no Democrat opponent in November and will serve another term in Congress where I will continue my battle in behalf of taxpayers.

My message of limited-government and upholding the Constitution has once again been endorsed by the conservative-minded voters in my district. They understand and support the battle I have waged for thirty years to make the federal government smaller, to reduce wasteful government spending, to balance the budget, and to promote a foreign policy that always puts America first.

Some Washington insiders would have you believe that Republicans no longer believe in the principles our country and party were founded upon, but the voters in my district have once again proven them wrong.

The message of freedom is popular, and I will continue to trumpet it in Congress and across America as I fight on behalf of the conservative, common sense values which made our country so great.

In conclusion, I would like to offer my thanks and gratitude to all of the wonderful people who supported me in this campaign. I look forward to representing all of the good people of the 14th District of Texas in Congress in the years to come.

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