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Ron Paul highlights at the MSNBC debate in Florida:

MSNBC Poll (image taken Jan 25th) is highly favorable of Ron Paul – despite the fact that he got the least amount of questions and answer time (see below). Therefore, it will be ignored by MSNBC – who will blame spammers.

MSNBC Debate in Boca Raton, Florida - Jan 24, 2008

It was a good debate. Ron Paul had the least amount of time to speak – as usual – but nevertheless his responses were as excellent as the poll suggests. Once again we had to hear Giuliani’s obscene snickering in the background as Paul is asked questions. And oddly, Paul’s microphone seemed to have an echo – and only his. For whatever reason this was, it doesn’t seem to have impact on his appearance or performance. Ron had similar audio difficulties in the ABC debate earlier this month – which regardless, was also a great success for his campaign.


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What caught me by surprise was the mention of the movie Freedom to Fascism. Watch it here.

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Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America

Consider these facts:

– Two Republican Presidential candidates (Tancredo and Hunter) have dropped out of the race for want of both money and support. Along with Ron, Tancredo and Hunter were the only candidates truly strong on fixing illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a huge issue for many voters, and Ron is now the only candidate left with a sterling record on the issue.

– Fred Thompson has had no successes in any states and finished a distant third in South Carolina where he needed a strong result. He has little money and no grassroots support. It’s very likely that he’ll drop out of the race in the near future.

– While both Huckabee and McCain have won some states, neither has established a clear lead. Neither has significant financial resources, and both will struggle to advertise in the super Tuesday states.

– Rudy Giuliani has chosen a very risky strategy of focusing his efforts on Florida, and has done abysmally in every other state. If he doesn’t post a victory in Florida his campaign will essentially be dead.

Free at Last 2008

Graphs of the donations here.

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The ‘official’ results are in:

Nevada (NV) Caucus:

Mitt Romney 22,649 51.1%
Ron Paul 6,087 13.7
John McCain 5,651 12.7
Mike Huckabee 3,616 8.2
Fred D. Thompson 3,521 7.9
Rudolph W. Giuliani 1,910 4.3
Duncan Hunter 890 2.0
South Carolina Primary (SC):

John McCain 143,224 33.2%
Mike Huckabee 128,908 29.9
Fred D. Thompson 67,897 15.7
Mitt Romney 64,970 15.1
Ron Paul 15,773 3.7
Rudolph W. Giuliani 9,112 2.1
Duncan Hunter 1,035 0.2
Tom Tancredo 115 0.0
Others 162 0.0

Although with a mere 1% from 3rd and a long-shot from Romney, the Nevada caucus on January 19th proved a success for Ron Paul by at least putting everyone else behind.

But there still stands an important question, can we trust the results? In both South Carolina and Nevada, voters experienced problems with the machines and malfunctions were reported. Surprised?

An article at a CNN blog reported that in at least one county and possibly 100 precincts have been affected by faulty voting machines in South Carolina. CNN also reported that about 80% of all voting machines in Horry County – the cities Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach – ‘malfunctioned’.

Apparently the machines in SC weren’t reset to zero votes before the voting day. A press release by the state’s Election Commission read, “This resets the test votes recorded on the machine to zero. Without performing this measure, the voting system will not allow machines to be opened for voting on election day.”

In Nevada, a local news report stated chaos at some caucus locations, overcrowding, and numerous complaints from Republican voters. Some voters are reported to have left without having the chance to vote. In some places, people reported having not had to check in or show ID, which could allow multiple votes and/or from people who aren’t even registered.

As reported on the day before the caucus, the Ron Paul campaign learned that the Nevada Republican Party had changed the rules for eligibility requirements for caucusing three times since January 9. And many voters have been given false information about their caucus locations.

There have also been widespread irregularities, cheating, and vote suppression by Clinton Campaign, as reported in Clark County, NV.

There will surely be more to come about this issue in the days to come.

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March for Ron Paul January 21st. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., go out on the streets of your town, gather with your friends, support Ron Paul, and make your donation at RonPaul2008.com

On November 5th we raised $4.38 million for Ron Paul, which coined the term “money bomb”.

On December 16th we raised $6.04 – on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

On January 21st, Martin Luther King, Jr. day, donate as much as you can. Everyone taking part will create the largest donation to a presidential campaign ever. Show your support and fuel the revolution.

Please visit Freeatlast2008.com and confirm to pledge a donation on MLK day.

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To me, the most astonishing thing about this is that George Bush has managed to get away with his crimes and violations for such a long time, and that impeachment hasn’t yet been seriously put on the table until fairly recently.

Tough Talk on Impeachment with Bill Moyers (Part 1)

Part 2: watch here
Part 3: watch here

According to CBS, former Democratic Candidate George McGovern called for impeachment recently. He said that the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney is “the rightful course for an American patriot.” McGovern has also stated that the cause to impeach Bush and Cheney is far stronger than it was for the impeachment of Nixon.

“They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time. Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world. These are truly ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,’ to use the constitutional standard.” – George McGovern

Dennis Kucinich has proposed impeachment for months. A resolution in November was surprisingly averted by his own party while being supported by the republicans in the House of Representatives. His resolution still stands strong but now includes both Bush and Cheney.

“[There is] a political advantage to the democrats in letting the president stay in – being unchallenged- and more or less letting the people of the country render a judgment in the November election against all republicans – but that’s folly, because what they’re doing actually is undermining the Constitution. Impeachment is mentioned six places in the Constitution – the Founders felt very strongly about a remedy to achieve an effective check and balance. So, I’m going to persist and very soon I’ll be introducing articles – it will be about a 50-count charge against the president.” – Dennis Kucinich

In my own investigation I have discovered the following as charges against the president. Like Kucinich said, there are many more reasons and violations of the Constitution to impeach George W. Bush.

  1. – George W. Bush ignored specific intelligence and warnings by domestic and foreign agents of an eminent attack on America similar to that of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and did not proceed to prevent it – resulting in the death of over 6000 Americans. [ref]
  2. – George W. Bush lied to the Congress and the American public on many accounts in order to justify the illegal and fraudulent invasion of Iraq. [ref]
  3. – George W. Bush misused government funds to bomb Iraq without Congressional authorization.
  4. – George W. Bush has subjected American military personnel to unnecessary harm, debilitating injuries, and deaths by illegal acts of imperial aggression in the Middle East.
  5. – George W. Bush violated the Geneva Convention by allowing the torture and deaths of prisoners of war while keeping them hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross, as well as using illegal weapons such as white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and napalm. [ref]
  6. – George W. Bush has knowingly caused damage in the billions of dollars to the U.S. economy via the illegal invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq and the abuse of the Federal Reserve system by the printing of un-backed paper money. [ref]
  7. – George W. Bush has used the false “war against terrorism” and the Military Commissions Act to suspend the Constitution of the United States, particularly through the USA PATRIOT Act, suspension of habeas corpus, wiretapping and electronic surveillance without a warrant. [ref]
  8. – George W. Bush has violated the Constitution by arbitrarily detaining Americans, legal residents, and non-Americans, without due process, without charge, and without access to counsel. [ref]
  9. – George W. Bush has disobeyed over 750 Congressional laws and any laws that conflict with “his interpretation of the Constitution.” [ref]
  10. – George W. Bush has violated Federal law by the use of propaganda and disinformation by selectively leaking classified information. [ref]
  11. – George W. Bush has violated the Constitution and abused presidential power by asserting a “Unitary Executive Theory” – giving unlimited powers to the President and obstructing efforts by the Congress and the Courts to restrict presidential actions. [ref]
  12. – George W. Bush has violated State and Federal law by allowing tampering and obstructions of the elections of 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 by the use of faulty voting machines and suppression of voters in Florida and Ohio. [ref]

Wikipedia – Movement to Impeach George W. Bush

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This is a very important film. I have been amazed by the sudden outburst of videos and articles available online, many of which have appeared over the past year through the growing use of online video.

This film is a superb presentation of the mysteries of the September 11 attacks and the evidence revealing the conspiracy of this monumental event.

Please be sure to see the whole film – the ending is particularly important.

Loose Change 911

Film ending:
One of the world’s largest gold depositories was stored underneath the World Trade Center…

On November 21st, 2001 the Times online reported that a large amount of gold was discovered in the wreckage of the World Trade Center. New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced that more than $230 million was recovered from ground-zero. However, the Comex Trading division of New York was storing gold bars (in the vaults of the WTC basement) for the Bank of Nova Scotia, Chase Manhattan Bank, The Bank of New York, and Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank – totaling $950 million. And that’s just one company. Rumor has it that over $160 billion in gold was stored in the World Trade Center (that’s nearly 700% more gold than was found; less than 0.006% of the rumored total was found). So where did all the gold go?

Remember the gold that was discovered on November 21st? Reuters reported that it was discovered in the back of a 10-wheel truck, along with several cars, in a delivery tunnel under World Trade Center 5. No bodies were recovered. As workers got closer to the gold, authorities began restricting access to ground-zero with FBI and Secret Service Agents. Heavy machine operators and other workers were watched by over 100 armed officers.

Gold from WTC 4 was found underneath WTC 5 in an empty delivery truck and empty escort of cars. I think it’s save to say that they were running away from the South Tower. The question is, how did they know to flee from their stash when not even the firefighters inside the south tower expected it to collapse? $160 billion in gold -$230 million was found.

After September 11th President Bush had – and continues to have – permission to do and say whatever he wants – all under the pretext of 9/11: the Patriot Act, The Department of Homeland Security, Afghanistan, Iraq…

It’s time for America to accept 9/11 for what it was: a lie that killed thousands of people, only in turn killing hundreds of thousands more – to make billions upon trillions of dollars.

Are you angry yet? You should be!

Every single attempt to investigate and uncover the truth about 9/11 has been blackballed, ridiculed, and harassed by both the government and media alike – for even daring to question the ‘official’ story.

Why are they hiding from us? What are they hiding from us? And what’s it going to take before this country gives a damn and do something about it?

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