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From Ron Paul’s Writings

For the first 140 years of our history, we had essentially no Federal war on drugs, and far fewer problems with drug addiction and related crimes was a consequence. In the past 30 years, even with the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the drug war, little good has come of it. We have vacillated from efforts to stop the drugs at the source to severely punishing the users, yet nothing has improved. This war has been behind most big government policy powers of the last 30 years, with continual undermining of our civil liberties and personal privacy.

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Ron Paul may be running for the Republican presidential nomination. And he has, after all, been the Republican congressman in the House of Representatives since the 1970s. But I’m sure many people out there like myself are thinking “But he’s not like any other,” or even “I can’t believe I’m going to vote Republican!”

But as a matter of fact, Ron Paul is a libertarian. In fact, he ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988. And still today, his foremost philosophy is to uphold the Constitution, give people their liberty, and keep the government out of people’s lives.

Ron Paul says that he “has no intention” to run under the Libertarian ticket in 2008 (if he doesn’t get the Republican Nomination). But in the unfortunate case that he doesn’t win the nomination we will certainly hope he does.

I suspect that there are a lot of voters out there who are fed-up with the face of the Republican party today (I’m one of them!), but to vote for Ron Paul is not to vote for republicans – Ron Paul is for the people and he is not partisan.

One advantage of running under the Republican ticket is that if he wins, that basically eliminates all the other (real) Republican nominees from the race. However also, if he loses and runs under the Libertarian ticket instead, it is suspected that he will then take a greater part of the Democratic voters, giving the Republicans another chance.

That’s why it’s so important that Ron Paul wins the nomination. Though as much as it shouldn’t be, this is a big game, and there are big and powerful players out there pulling strings to get the Republican president that will satisfy their needs just as Bush has. It will take a tremendous amount of support (as there is!) to overwhelm the powers and bring democracy back to America.


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This blog is designed for cataloging and quoting external sources of information about cannabis as well as to follow the 2008 presidential candidates with particular focus on Ron Paul. This site does in no way suspect to make claims without evidence. Unquoted text is only the opinion of the author. Video evidence is particularly valued and is used whenever possible to promote an idea or support an article.

The campaign for Ron Paul extends this web site beyond the legality of cannabis towards freedom for all. Ron Paul will not only re-legalize cannabis but he would end the D.E.A. and dismantle the Federal Government from interfering in people’s lives in any way where the Constitution does not allow it to do so. This blog, therefore, is highly dedicated to promoting Ron Paul for U.S. president and the principals he stands by.

Sharing links is another vital aspect of this blog. The Internet is the last and most-free place in the world for people to unite against their oppressors. Internet activism is a powerful tool, and through networking we can exchange greater information and further education.

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Ron Paul ‘Revolution’ flourishes
Wed, 19 Dec 2007 20:30:52 – Press TV

“GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul says he will stay in the White House race until at least February 5 due to his overnight success.

Paul’s campaign spokesman Jesse Benton announced that the presidential candidate’s fourth-quarter fundraising totaled $18.2 million, over $6 million of which was raised through the Internet in a single day.

Paul holds libertarian views and believes that his fundraising success ensures he will continue to campaign regardless of how he fares in the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3, the first contest on the presidential nominating calendar.

The 10-term congressman strongly believes that the number of his supporters will continue to grow as his message gets across.

During the ‘Money Bomb’ event on Sunday, organized by his enthusiastic supporters, the 72-year old Texan collected more than $6 million and drew some 25,000 new donors, CBS reported.

Political observers say Ron Paul, the only Republican candidate urging the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, has gathered his staunch supporters by promising to change the policies of a country that is in desperate need of a new approach to alter a corrupt and dysfunctional status quo.

Ron Paul for Freedom

Ron Paul is the number one candidate for people who want freedom. That’s why it’s being called a revolution. Millions of Americans will vote for Ron Paul in November, just as millions of dollars are being contributed to get him past this first step towards presidency.

People for the reform of marijuana laws favor him for just the same reasons as everyone else! Not only because Ron Paul supports getting the Federal Government out of people’s lives. We support him because of the reason he supports change; he wants to give people their freedom back.

Ron Paul is a true American – he believes and thinks like the Founding Fathers did. That’s what makes him a libertarian. Not only is his philosophy based on the idea of liberty – the basic philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and All men are created equal, many of his arguments, especially on the leading issues, ruled down to the Constitution – the founding document that was designed to protect the people from the government.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”All men are created equal

Ron Paul will make a good president for everyone, except for the artificial powers that be – the supremely wealthy people and organizations that have such a strong grip on the government today. The Constitution was written for that ultimate purpose, to protect the people, and American (and the world) need that to come into effect now more than ever.

The War On Drugs is and has always been a scam to put more wealth into the hands of the powerful. Making (any kind of) drugs illegal inflate their value and controls their market. Who wouldn’t believe that drugs seized will flow through the hands of those in control and back into the black market? This has to stop!

With better presidency in 2008, it will finally be allowed that the States and the people have the freedom and the right to choose to make Hemp an industry. From all its benefits, Hemp has the power to help improve people’s lives and even solve some of the problems that are important to us today.

Ron Paul is on the side of justice, and will give us our freedom back.

Don’t let his enemies trick you. The media, the polls, and everywhere they can try to persuade you into voting and being the way that suits them best. This is not conspiracy, this is inevitability, and that’s why the United States was founded to give the people the opportunity to change power, and above all things, the people must prevent power to take that away. This is Democracy, and if you believe in it… you have to vote!




Did you know?

· Many original United States’ documents, including the original Declaration of Independence, were written on hemp paper.

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Even celebrities can be activists. In fact, they make great activists!

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Santa Barbara doctor tells about medical marijuana, it’s effects and usage at the SB MMJ conference.

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From 1996 to 2006, twelve states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Source

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